From the lighthouses on the coast of Maine to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, the Northeast is full of beauty and diversity.  We have golden sand beaches on the shores of Lake Huron, beautiful lakes hidden deep in the wilderness of Baxter State Park, and dramatic canyons and waterfalls in Letchworth State Park.  Every season brings new opportunities to enjoy the majesty of God's creation as leaves change color, snow falls, and life begins again each Spring.  We can also enjoy living history as we visit historic railroads and spend time in Amish Country.
  1. Lake Huron, Michigan
  2. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
  3. Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, Maine
  4. Attica Arcade Railroad, New York
  5. Amish Country, Western New York
  6. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
  7. Letchworth State Park, New York
  8. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
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