In 2010, I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of visiting Africa.  I was asked to document the climb of a team from Buffalo, NY, who was raising money for Kids Escaping Drugs.  After summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro I was able to take a safari onto the African plains to meet some Maasai warriors and photograph the amazing wildlife in East Africa.  The wonder of coming face to face with elephants, lions, baboons, zebra, and giraffe!  This was a journey I will never forget.
  1. Zebra
  2. Zeal of Zebra
  3. Baboon Mother and Infant
  4. Baboon
  5. African Lion
  6. African Lion
  7. African Lion and Lioness
  8. African Lioness
  9. African Lioness
  10. African Lion
  11. African Warthog
  12. Griaffe
  13. African Elephant
  14. Zebra
  15. African Elephant Family