Nature and Wildlife Photography

Greetings.  Born in Phoenix, I spent my early years running around in the desert, finding any excuse I could to be outdoors.  After my family relocated to the green rolling hills of Western New York, my curiosity and sense of adventure continued to grow.  Whether it was horseback riding, trail hiking, or swimming in the creek; I knew from an early age that my love of nature would always be a significant part of my life.  

I was introduced to the joy of photography in junior high school, but it wasn't until college that the idea of photography as a career really took hold.  Through the inspiration and encouragement of my college professors, I realized that I not only had the desire but also the talent to succeed as an artist.

I began to view the world through the lens of my camera.  Never passing up an opportunity to create an extraordinary image from the ordinary world around me; composition, color, light and movement governed my creative vision.  

Traveling became essential to developing a portfolio of images that consisted of a variety of landscapes and wildlife.  Early opportunities to travel overseas provided me with the right amount of inspiration to continue pursuing my career as a fine art photographer.  From France, to Africa, to most of the national parks in the United States; I was and am always seeking out my next adventure. 

I continue to live in Western New York with my wife, Suzanne, and our five children.  I have a portrait studio in Attica where I spend the majority of my time.  Each year, I seek out opportunities to add landscape and wildlife images to my fine art portfolio, and continue to capture the beauty of this amazing world.

Thank you for your time and your interest in my photography.  I hope you find the image your are looking for.